Sunday, 24 January 2016

RIP Tom 2005 - 2016

It's a week since I had to say goodbye to my beloved black cat Tom. I still can't quite believe he's gone, he was such a character and is very much missed by all the family, including our other cat Biscuit. He went from his usual scatty, silly, happy go lucky self to a point of no return in a little over 48 hours. He was off his food for a day which prompted a trip to the vet , where he was found to be dehydrated and suffering from repiratory and urinary infections. He was given antibiotics and put on a drip overnight and we fully expected to find him bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day. Unfortunately he didn't respond to the antibiotics and the  drip sent water to his lungs and worsened his breathing. To make matters worse the vet had discovered a growth in his abdomen that needed surgery, something he wouldn't survive in his weakened state. Perhaps it was time, she said, to say goodbye. Reluctantly we agreed.

 He liked to hang out with his best mate.

 And find interesting places to sleep.

Ink and watercolour

Ink sketch

Ink and watercolour
 And model for me.

A shady place for a catnap

 We bought him home and buried him in the garden, in one of his favourite places.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Mill Road Winter Fair

Mill Road Winter Fair ink, watercolour and coloured pencil

On Saturday 5th December I joined the Cambridge Urban Sketchers to sketch the annual Mill Road Winter Fair. A few hardy souls gathered at the skateboard ramp at the Parkside end of Mill Road at midday before settling off to find a sheltered spot to sketch. I settled on a spot near The Broadway and perched on my camping stool until I could hardly feel my fingers anymore. Discarded coffee cups and escaped balloons swept past me as I was buffeted by the wind and I finally gave in and headed off to Romsey Mill Community Centre cafe to meet up with everyone else and thaw out with tea and cake! I added a bit more colour when I got home and got my fingers unfrozen!

This was my first trip out with Urban Sketchers since breaking my ankle in September and I hope to join the London Urban Sketchers next Saturday in Trafalgar Square

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Marking Time by Eithne Fisher

Grey Bridge oil on canvas by Eithne Fisher

On Thursday I attended my friend and fellow artist Eithne Fisher's preview of her new exhibition Marking Time. The exhibition of paintings and drawings is in rooms above The Plough pub in Shepreth, a pretty village about 10 miles south of Cambridge. The Plough closed its doors in 2010 and was due to be converted into a private house but dedicated campaigning by local people led to it being reopened last July as a community space for music and art as well as continuing as a traditional pub.

Upper galleries at The Plough, Shepreth
The rooms above the bar appear to be a work in progress as some of the light fittings are not yet installed, making the smaller of the two rooms a little dark, but the larger room is a good size and the white painted walls show off the artwork well.

Eithne is showing thirty three works, about half are abstract oil on canvas and the rest are a mixture of drawings and photographs split over the two rooms and the lobby. Eithne describes herself as "a painter and drawer", and drawing is the basis of her work.

Drawing from Noss Mayo 3
by Eithne Fisher

Eire Figure 1 and 2
by Eithne Fisher

"Drawing and painting can be descriptive in many ways, and colour in particular is sensitive to many influences. I believe that everything is connected and visual marking responds not only to what is seen but what is heard, felt and imagined. These thoughts carry my work, which is a journey to an unknown end. The beginning, however, is drawing."

Two works had already been sold during the morning and two more got their red stickers while we were there, including
Untitled Seascape 15-1, my favourite! I also particularly liked the Eire Figures and Noss Mayo drawings.

Untitled  Seascape 15-1 oil on canvas by Eithne Fisher

The exhibition continues during pub opening hours until the 31st May at

The Upper Galleries,
The Plough,
High Street,