Sunday, 3 May 2015

Marking Time by Eithne Fisher

Grey Bridge oil on canvas by Eithne Fisher

On Thursday I attended my friend and fellow artist Eithne Fisher's preview of her new exhibition Marking Time. The exhibition of paintings and drawings is in rooms above The Plough pub in Shepreth, a pretty village about 10 miles south of Cambridge. The Plough closed its doors in 2010 and was due to be converted into a private house but dedicated campaigning by local people led to it being reopened last July as a community space for music and art as well as continuing as a traditional pub.

Upper galleries at The Plough, Shepreth
The rooms above the bar appear to be a work in progress as some of the light fittings are not yet installed, making the smaller of the two rooms a little dark, but the larger room is a good size and the white painted walls show off the artwork well.

Eithne is showing thirty three works, about half are abstract oil on canvas and the rest are a mixture of drawings and photographs split over the two rooms and the lobby. Eithne describes herself as "a painter and drawer", and drawing is the basis of her work.

Drawing from Noss Mayo 3
by Eithne Fisher

Eire Figure 1 and 2
by Eithne Fisher

"Drawing and painting can be descriptive in many ways, and colour in particular is sensitive to many influences. I believe that everything is connected and visual marking responds not only to what is seen but what is heard, felt and imagined. These thoughts carry my work, which is a journey to an unknown end. The beginning, however, is drawing."

Two works had already been sold during the morning and two more got their red stickers while we were there, including
Untitled Seascape 15-1, my favourite! I also particularly liked the Eire Figures and Noss Mayo drawings.

Untitled  Seascape 15-1 oil on canvas by Eithne Fisher

The exhibition continues during pub opening hours until the 31st May at

The Upper Galleries,
The Plough,
High Street,

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mill Cottage

Last summer during the NGS open gardens I visited Impington Mill, to do some sketching and produced this drawing.

I have since made a watercolour, pen and coloured pencil version, which I intend to be the first in a series of paintings of local landmarks. I'm going to visit the mill again next month to draw the windmill itself. Impington Mill will be open during National Mills weekend 9th and 10th May from 10.00 to 16.00. I believe it will also be open for Histon and Impington Open Gardens on Sunday 14 June.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Botanic Garden Sketches and Jade Vine

View of the hot houses
 Last week I spent a couple of days sketching in the Cambridge University Gardens. The first day I didn't take my folding stool so had to wait for a seat to be vacated! When I started sketching I was in the shade but as the sun moved round I was getting hotter and hotter.
1 Brookside
I returned the following day armed with my stool and settled down to draw 1 Brookside, just inside the entrance, but although the sun was shining it was distinctly cooler and I soon retreated to the Garden Cafe. I will finish both sketches in the comfort of my studio desk in the corner of the living room!

I can never visit the Gardens without going in the hot houses and this time I was rewarded with the magnificent Jade Vine in bloom.