Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sketching Kits

Tulips in coloured pencil

Well my computer seems to be behaving itself again so I'll carry on with the posts about sketching kits I was going to do last week.

First of all, here is the coloured pencil kit I've put together.

Coloured pencil rolls

I couldn't confine myself to just one pencil roll, so I have two, roughly split between warm and cool colours. These are all Prismacolors.

Cp accessories

Next a few accessories - Prismacolor colourless blender and Derwent blender, Prismacolour sharpener, Jakar battery eraser, putty rubber and small metal tin to keep it in, and cotton buds tissue and make up pads in a small ziplock bag.

Cp kit

And here it all is ready to go, two pencil rolls and a pencilcase with accessories. Just need to add asketchbook and it's done. Here I was, thinking I'd get to go out and do some sketching with it, with all the kids at home for Easter, what was I thinking of! So a bit of indoor sketching for now, before i take it on the road.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Computer Problems

Jar of Olives pen and watercolour

I've been having problems all day with my printer, which suddenly doesn't want to come out to play. This has to happen the day before my son's GCSE Art exam, when he needs a load of photos printed for his final piece. I have managed to get it to print from the main pc but it steadfastly refuses to talk to either of our laptops, grrr! So I am feeling frazzled and am only posting an old page from my sketchbook for now.