Monday, 23 March 2009

Cactus Monday

Cape Aloe, Cambridge University Botanical Gardens hothouse, watercolour and ink

I have just joined a Flickr group called Cactus Monday and added the above sketch to the pool. It is not strictly speaking a cactus so I've added another one, a sketch of my conservatory windowsill

Conservatory windowsill, watercolour and ink


Teri C said...

I loved these on Flickr and I love them here.

So happy you joined us.

Happy Cactus Monday or HCM as we like to say.

Pouty Lips said...

These are amazing! Happy Cactus Monday fellow cacuteer!

Margaret Ann said...

Welcome to our little Cactus Monday group...and with TWO great sketches to really get things rolling! Well done! HCM fellow cacuteer! :)

Pea said...

Nic work!HCM!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Sue, I enjoyed visiting your website. I am always keen to see coloured pencil work. :-) It looks like your home has lots of house plants. So does mine, a house just doesn't seem like a home without them. Welcome to the blogging world!