Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sketching Kits

Tulips in coloured pencil

Well my computer seems to be behaving itself again so I'll carry on with the posts about sketching kits I was going to do last week.

First of all, here is the coloured pencil kit I've put together.

Coloured pencil rolls

I couldn't confine myself to just one pencil roll, so I have two, roughly split between warm and cool colours. These are all Prismacolors.

Cp accessories

Next a few accessories - Prismacolor colourless blender and Derwent blender, Prismacolour sharpener, Jakar battery eraser, putty rubber and small metal tin to keep it in, and cotton buds tissue and make up pads in a small ziplock bag.

Cp kit

And here it all is ready to go, two pencil rolls and a pencilcase with accessories. Just need to add asketchbook and it's done. Here I was, thinking I'd get to go out and do some sketching with it, with all the kids at home for Easter, what was I thinking of! So a bit of indoor sketching for now, before i take it on the road.


Stephen Gardner said...

Great site, thanks for showing your equipment it's always good to see what other artists are using. I like your style.

deepazartz said...

Great Kit..I should get hold of something like this. This was really helpful.
I have a few queries:
1) What are blenders?
2)What are you using putty for?
3)Are cotton buds, tissue used to even the colors?

Thank you so much & have a nice day!

Sue said...

Thanks Stephen!
Deepartz, in answer to your questions -
1 Blenders are just a stick of colourless binder that is used to bind pigment in a coloured pencil. It looks just like a regular pencil but with no colour. You use it to blend colours together and push the pigment into the paper.
2 I use putty to gently lift colour of the paper without damaging it.
3 Yes cotton buds and tissues also blend colours together

My Charlie Girl said...

hooley dooley, you keep your pencils so organised, im impressed! xoxo