Friday, 20 May 2011

More trees

Trees. Pen and watercolour pencil

A few more sketches from my local walking excursions. This time I grabbed a mixed bunch of watercolour pencils, some Prismalos, Faber Castells and Derwent Inktense

This sapling was in a fairly exposed spot so I didn't draw for very long!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Not sure if you're moderating comments - but you will spot by the fact that I don't publish your comment until Friday that you are in fact right about "Who Painted This 3?"

Sue said...

HaHa yes thanks Katherine, I will now have no excuse not to resurrect this blog!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Sue - l love the first sketch - you should do more like this

I've also rechristened you. You are now to be officially known as "Speedy" Sue Smith as you've won "Who Painted This? #5" as well!

Sue said...

Thank you Katherine, that made me laugh! And thank you for the comment on my drawing. I've just posted over on Who Painted This 6 :)